The inaugural Chiang Mai Golf Classic will be launched at the magnificent Alpine Golf Resort – Chiang Mai from July 3 – 6. Here’s some important information that will help you to have a great day out at this fantastic tournament…


Golf is a game of etiquette for both players and spectators alike so there are some important rules to remember when following the action at this inaugural event.


- NO CAMERAS OR MOBILE PHONES: no cameras, mobile phones or other messaging or photographic equipment are permitted on the course at any time. Flashes, ringtones and beepers are an annoyance to everyone, especially the players.


- OBEY THE MARSHALS: they are there to ensure the event runs smoothly for everyone involved so please follow their instructions so everyone has a good time.


- STAND STILL DURING PLAY: The slightest movement or distraction can affect the champions’ concentration so help them play their best by remaining motionless when they’re taking a shot.


- KEEP QUIET DURING SHOTS: You can celebrate a good shot but please refrain from making noise as they prepare and take their shot so they can be at the top of their game.


- NO AUTOGRAPHS DURING PLAY: The golfing stars are a friendly bunch but don’t disturb them during play and they’re more likely to spend time signing after the hard work is done.


- STAY BEHIND THE ROPES: The boundaries help everyone get a good view of the action without affecting play. Stay off the fairways and greens unless directed by a marshal at a crossing point.


- BE RESPECTFUL TO ALL: Let’s follow the players’ example of good sportsmanship – whether they are your favourite or not, all the players deserve respect and encouragement.

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